stompbox academy curriculum

Private Instrument Instruction
The fundamentals upon which everything a musician does technically and creatively will be learned and reinforced in private instrument instruction.  Stompbox Academy private lessons are a full circle musical experience with all bases being covered from notation reading to ear training to fundamental theory as it relates to the student’s instrument to music history and appreciation to technique and artistic development.

Lessons are weekly, will last 60 minutes, and will be conducted in the students’ home.  Work will always be assigned and the student should definitely practice according to a schedule agreed upon by the teacher, parent, and student. We welcome children and adults (ages 7 and up) and all levels are accepted.

Band & Artist Program
Bands can either be configured by the director or existing bands can enroll. The band experience will cover and encompass five major areas:
1) Learning Songs
All bands should have an understanding of how their favorite music was constructed and there is no better way to do this other than by learning great songs part by part.  Ample time will be spent learning songs chosen by the band and their instructor.  Once comfortable with how songs are created, the focus will turn to songwriting.
2) Songwriting
All bands will write original music with the goal being an end-of-session concert and an end-of-session recording session. Each band should write at least three original songs as they will all be performed at an end-of-session concert with one being recorded for the end-of-session album release. If a band writes more than three we can discuss other options for those songs, but three will be all that is required and needed for the concert.
3) Business & Promotion
Each band will work with our business and promotion instructors and students on how to effectively promote their bands. They will go through the process of creating professional looking publicity materials such as posters, shirts, music videos, and social media profiles.
4) Recording
Each band will record a song that will be included on an end-of-session release. The members of the band will work with our Record Production instructors and students, learning what it takes to produce and record a great song in a time-controlled, structured manner. Each band will be afforded ample studio time to create a “single”.
5) Live Performance
Location to be decided.

Record Production & Recording
Students enrolled in record production will be taught every aspect of what it takes to produce and record music.  These students – with the help and watchful eye of their instructors – will be responsible for recording the Band & Artist Program students for the end-of-session compilation album and the end-of-session shows.  Their efforts will result in real production credits and be released as part of our record release program.  Seven classes will be offered with four being prerequisites for advanced classes.

1) Introduction to Record Production (prerequisite for all classes)
2) Production and Analysis 1 (prerequisite for Production and Analysis 2)
3) Recording Techniques 1 (prerequisite for Recording Techniques 2)
4) Production and Analysis 2
5) Mix Techniques 1 (prerequisite for Mix Techniques 2)
6) Recording Techniques 2
7) Mix Techniques 2

Business & Promotion
Students enrolled in Business & Promotion classes will be exposed to three levels music business instruction:
1) History of Music Business
2) Band & Artist Promotion
3) Music Business in the 21st Century

These students will work with the Band & Artist Program to help them promote their concerts, websites, and music as well as making sure all promotional materials and merchandise is top-notch and truly professional.

Music Theory
Students enrolled in music theory classes will be brought through four levels of modern music theory spanning four separate sessions. These classes can coincide with private lesson instruction with all concepts being reinforced through the demonstration of practical application. Music theory is the basis of what we all do as musicians and students trained to recognize essential basic theories will have a more complete and thorough understanding of their instrument and the music we listen to on a daily basis. Special classes will be developed for instrumentalists that specialize in percussion