What's happening

If you have a postcard in your hand, be sure to tell us the word in the upper left corner and you will receive $50 off your first class! If you have a multiple student home, we'll offer you a discount as well. Same goes for that multi-instrumentalist in your family if they'd like more than one lesson or class.

We are currently accepting students in all of our programs. If you're located in Newton, Needham, Brookline, Norwood, Wellesley, Weston, Dedham, Westwood, or any of the surroudning towns, please get in touch via e-mail or shoot us a call (781.609.ROCK) to get signed up. Feel free to read through our policies and procedures PDF here and please also read through our curriculum to see what class suits you best.

Adult students please feel free to give us a call as well. All of our classes are available during the
early afternoon hours as well as our standard after-school/evening hours. We know you want to get that guitar out of the attic and play it like you did 20 years ago. You still can because it's NEVER too late! Get in touch with us today!

If you are a family that is willing to host a class, please let us know. Stompbox Academy will offer a class hosting deduction on your invoice.

Take a look at our calendar to see how the 2014-15 school year will lay out!

private instrument instruction

Stompbox Academy private lessons are a full circle musical experience with all bases being covered from notation reading to ear training to fundamental theory as it relates to the student’s instrument to music history and appreciation to technique and artistic development.

We like to cover all the bases with our students making sure they can be ready for any musical situation in which they may find themselves.

rock band & artist program

Have you ever wanted to be in a rock band or do you have a band that needs some help in getting to all the places you have only dreamed about? Now is your chance. We are ready to help your band do what it takes to learn some great songs, write some great songs, record your original songs, and play them in front of all the people that have been waiting to hear what YOUR band sounds like.

We are now accepting currently formed bands or kids that would like to be in a band but may not know other kids their age that would also like to be in a band.

ADULTS! We are looking for you too! Sign up to have a professional band coach work with your band. Learn all the songs you ever wanted to learn and sound the way you have always wanted! Get in touch with us now!


production & recording

All of our students in the Band & Artist Program are going to have the ability to record an original song. If you've never recorded a song before, don't worry about it. We have plenty of professionals to help you through the process.

And for those of you interested in becoming a recording engineer or a producer, we have just the right program for you as well. We will guide you through the process of what it takes to be the person behind the mix desk on the other side of the glass.